About Us

tracTAG began when adventurer and founder, Maree Machin, got more ‘adventure’ that she bargained for diving in the tropical waters of Australia. Swept form her grasp by ocean currents, Maree's underwater camera and all of her holiday memories drifted off into the vast Pacific Ocean. While the currents would have brought it to shore eventually, with no way of identifying it, the finder had no way to return it.

Maree's story is not unusual.  In a mobile society, losing valuable gear and belongings is a question of when and what.

At tracTAG, we committed to making life more enjoyable by reducing the heartache and distress of lost property. 

Our extensive product development involves research into the optimal solutions and a service that is based onthe latest technology and always easy to use - for both members and the people who find our lost gear and belongings.

We congratulate all of those great people who happily make the effort to return your items.  That's why we offer a tracTAG reward for every return.

Our product range is constantly evolving and we welcome your feedback.

Got a good news story about tracTAG saved the day?  Let us know.  We'd love to share your adventure.