Let's face it, if you knew where you left it, you'd have it back.  

Getting your lost gear back relies on the actions of strangers.  tracTAG makes it easy for the person who finds your valuable gear to connect with you and make a speedy return. No fuss.  No stress.

Road tested, tracTAG has a 80% and growing, return rate.  Which is awesome!

tracTAG helps turn the community into your search party.

You'll find heaps of detail on the website, but the basics are:

  • A personal account has your essential details.
  • Each and every tracTAG is unique and you decide how much information to include.
  • You decide on the privacy level
  • When scanned, the information you've set is accessible and contact can be made directly or through our system email.
  • There are all sorts of extras that make tracTAG as simple or as comprehensive as you like,
Perfect for warranty, insurance, proof of ownership and peace of mind.