Ideal for a busy lifestyle, the combo of 

  • 1 x HANDY (25mm x 58mm) aluminium tag +

  • 2 x COMPACT (25mm x 50mm) adhesive tags

means that you've got the important things covered.

The tracTAG HANDY is great for keys, commuter bags or smaller luggage.

And the tracTAG COMPACT is the perfect fit for mobile phones, cameras and any travel documents.

With industrial strength construction, COMPACT is a go-anywhere tag.  Waterproof, fadeproof and kid proof - just attach to a clean, hard surface and get on with your life.

HANDY is made of anodised aluminium.  Scratch-proof, fade proof and ready for anything you can dish up in life, it knows no limits.

Tested and proven effective, you can be confident that tracTAG is the smartest ID tag you'll ever have!