Made for everything outdoor - ocean, mountain, earth and sky.  

True to its name, you know that if you lose it out there, that no matter how long it takes to be found, it will still come back.

Mixing the best of the tough stuff, RUGGED I is a kit that suits all the gear that you take with you on adventure.  5 tags in the pack, you get:

2 x MARINE I +



All of the these have been tested and are the only marine rated ID tags you put these on the top of your list.

If size is important, then you 'll be blown away by the MARINE I and OUTDOOR.  

MARINE I is the uber slick resin tag.  At 17mm x 39mm, it is the perfect fit for your Go Pro or action camera.  

Matching the MARINE for size, colour and super-stick technology, the OUTDOOR has a flat, textured finish and the flexibility to wrap around any hard surface. 

The universal tag, MEDALLION has become the tag that continues for find new uses every day.  32mm diameter and tough epoxy finish, MEDALLION is equally at home on your favourite old camera bag as it is dressed up on your pet!