Now this is a tracTAG that works with every part of your lifestyle.

Beautiful and useful, the round (32mm) MEDALLION comes in both a standard and bag clip option.

For pets, tracTAG MEDALLION is the perfect solution.  Unlike any other tag, you can craft a finder message that tells them all about your loved companion - how to care for them, allergies, food and vet details - until you can reach them.  Imagine being able to ensure their care and safety in those stressful moments of being lost.

Ever thought how you'd feel if you lost your handbag, commuter bag or tote?  How much of your life lives in that one bag?  It's just not worth the stress of losing it all.  

The clip option makes protecting your handbag, manbag, backpack or purse too easy. Just attach it to your favourite bag as you walk out the door and your bag and everything in it can come back to you - quick as a flash.  We call it bling with purpose!

It's all about peace of mind.

These uber-cool tracTAG are all about keeping up with your lifestyle - unobtrusively and with a bit of fun.

Update-on-the go means that wherever you travel, you're always a local.  And locals help locals!