HANDY 2 Pack



The most versatile ID that you'll ever have - the uses for tracTAG HANDY keeps on growing.

Made of tough anodised  aluminium, the perfect sized HANDY goes wherever you do.

HANDY is invaluable for car keys and house keys.  Forget about the cost, inconvenience and stress of replacement.

Ideal for for briefcases and discreet enough to be attached inside your favourite handbag.

Rugged,durable and cool design, we offer HANDY in a changing range of colours. Measuring 25mm x 58mm, it's neither too big nor too small.

Oh, did we mention how useful it is on your glasses case?

Or in marine environments ..... like crab pots,diving gear and boating.

Once you start, one pack of 2 will never be enough ...